Why You Shouldn’t Buy That Web Domain…yet.

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GoDaddy. We’ve all seen the commercials with the scantly clad Danica Patrick, and super models horse licking a computer nerd. It seems like GoDaddy is the place to go to buy a web domain. But let me tell you why you shouldn’t buy that domain…yet.


I have helped several clients build their websites, and all of them had already bought their domain. That is not the problem, they say. They problem is, they did not know what to do with it once they bought it. Most folks (including me when I first started) didn’t understand that there is more to building a website than buying a domain. And trying to navigate the muddy waters of sites like GoDaddy can be confusing and emotionally draining. You see, most places will get you to buy unneccassary add ons, leading many of my clients to waste money and a lot of time on things they don’t need to build a website.


In reality, you need two things to build a website. A domain and some place to host it. Of course there are more odds and ends that go with it, but the foundation are those two things. When I tried to build my first website, I was shocked to find that my domain name did not connect to a template page, ready for me to drag and drop everything into place. My clients have said the same thing. They spent countless hours trying to “figure it out” only to get frustrated and give up.


So if you want a website, and haven’t bought a domain yet…don’t. Save yourself the time and hassle. While it is not hard by any means, the beginnings of building a website can become very frustrating. Let me handle that part for you. Now is a good time to hire me to build your website. Take advantage of 20% off any package. But this offer ends on the 28th, after that the sale is over and my prices are going up.


Thanks for reading and keep on rockin’.



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